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He’s a middle-grade-fantasy-book-selling fiend! His NYT Bestselling Series, Fablehaven, mystifies children of all ages—even those of the forty-something variety. But it isn’t just Brandon Mull’s fantastical writing, hawkeyed editor, or savvy publisher that got him where he is today. A large part of his success is due to his personality.

Brandon Mull is a Charmer. His mischievous nature appeals to the adventurous spirit within every child he speaks with. And it translates directly into his writing and his marketing. It’s natural, it’s genuine, and it’s just . . . him!

He has the ONE tool every fiction author needs.

James Dashner’s #1 NYT Bestselling Maze Runner, morphed into box office success. His writing is stellar and evocative, but it isn’t the only thing that launched his book into every writer’s dream.

See, Mr. Dashner is a Guru. Guru’s aren’t really known for their larger-than-life extrovertive personalities, and yet he has a spectacularly loyal fan base dubbed the “Dashner Army.”

How does he inspire the masses? What makes him an author worth following? His humility. One only needs to peruse his author page to recognize the sincere and real connection he shares with his fans.

He has the ONE tool every fiction author needs.

Kathryn Le Veque can spit out award-winning books like a Pez dispenser. This indie USA Today Bestselling author smashed Amazon records and defied the conventional laws of book publishing.

Is it due to her dedication to historical facts, or her unnatural ability to maneuver the ever-changing Amazon algorithms? Well, of course. But those aren’t the only factors.

Ms. Le Veque knows the value of connecting with people. She shares her sunny personality, her joys, and her trials, and she supports her fans in theirs. It’s impossible not to love her.

She has the ONE tool every fiction author needs.

What is the difference between these wildly successful authors and the rest of us who are trying to swim upstream in a flash flood?

That ONE tool.


The ONE Tool


We authors have a bevy of tools at our disposal. Tools for creating our stories and others for building our careers. What we use varies from writer to writer. Some use precise pacing, lyrical prose, and social media, while others utilize technical writing, suspenseful plot, and ninja marketing skills. Each one of us uses a unique combination of tools, but here’s where one of the differences between the big dogs and us lies.

We aren’t using the ONE tool.

It’s hiding in the dusty recesses of our toolbox and we either don’t know how to use it, or we refuse to.

Here’s the good news. We all have it; we just need to dig it out, shine it up…oh, and be brave enough to use it.

So what is the ONE tool?

YOU! The uniqueness that is only you—your personality, or as I like to call it, your archetype.

Sound facetious? Maybe so. But it’s the gal darn truth.

Have doubts? Go back to the descriptions of the authors I mentioned. Not one of them is the same as the other, but they use their unique personalities to become the best author they can be. They’re real, and that resonates with all people, not just readers.

Do you want a thriving fan base? Do you want a better chance at succeeding as a writer?

Then be yourself.

No one will be your fan if you aren’t.

You don’t need to be engagingly charming, a technical guru, or a cheery extrovert. You can, and should, use your particular strengths—and, yes, even your weaknesses—to become a great writer.

It won’t happen if you’re trying to be something you aren’t.


It’s Time to Get Real Up in Here!


What’s great about you? No, really?

If you know, fantastic!

If you don’t, then learn how to use the one T.O.O.L!

  • T – Time. Take the time.

Turn off your internet. No more webinars, social media, sprints, emails, etc. Set aside some distraction-free time. Use it for some honest reflection.

What are you shoveling your energy into? You’re a hard worker, you have stories living inside you, you possess a great desire to create.

So what’s holding you back?

Consider the things that are stopping you. Why are you allowing them to hinder you? Is it really friends that doubt you, or a lack of confidence? Consider that it could be a fear of succeeding.

  • O – Open. Be open to finding out what your strengths and weakness are.

Try reflecting back on the teenaged you. What were your strengths and weaknesses then? Were you an avid                  sports fan who could decipher stats? Then you could be great at analytics! You could figure out how to adjust                your author website into a sales machine.

Were you in drama or debate? Then use that strength to teach other authors, do school presentations, or start a           YouTube channel about your journey as an author.

Maybe you were a wallflower. You could be an email-list-building bad sass! You don’t have to talk to anyone                 directly, but nothing grows your audience faster!

Was art your bag? Coolio. Design your own promotional material with free programs like Canva and                               PicMonkey.

If you find that that isn’t helping, try downloading the lists offered on this page, Googling archetypes, or being             archetyped. It can be pretty eye opening—a window into…you!

Click here for my list of 8 female archetypes

Click here for my list of 8 male archetypes

  • O – Observe. What do other people observe about you?

Try having a candid conversation with people you respect and trust. Often-times they see great things in us that           we’re “too close” to observe in ourselves.

And what a great gift to receive!

  • L – Limit. Don’t limit yourself by what other authors are doing!

We live in a new world. A world where people make six-figure incomes at home in their jammies.

How? They think outside the box. They use their skills to create something people want.

Hear this now. People want what only you can create.

To some it is given to sing. For others, it’s given to appreciate the music.

Everyone looks for respite, for escape, for peace. YOU can be that for someone. A lot of someones! You just                   need to use your ONE tool.


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